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Google G Suite package contains all the utilities a company needs including email accounts, shared calendars, office applications, cloud file storage and video meeting tools.

Each user can have a personal email address, but in addition, you can have a number of group lists or email aliases, for example, or

Google calendar integrates easily into your favourite calendar application and your mobile phone. Sharing calendars amongst your team has never been easier.

With Google office applications you can create, share and collaborate efficiently documents, spreadsheets and presentations. You can store the file in Google Drive to access them on any device and sharing them is effortless.

Google Hangouts gives you a powerful tool or organize video calls between your team of your clients.

Automated backups and virus protection keep your data safe.

You can access your email and calendar with any internet browser or with a number of email clients on your computer or a mobile device.

The G Suite account is always created with the user's first and last name, for example The main user will be the administrator. If you want more than one user you fill in the extra users' first and last name in the "Chosen email addresses (and aliases)" field. General email addresses such as or can be created as aliases if there is only one user or as groups for several users.

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5€ / month / user (annual contract)

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