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Klarna Checkout included straight in your web shop

With Klarna Checkout, your webshop gets the simplest and smartest checkout on the market – with all payment methods included.

Simplicity that makes you sell more

Klarna native partner

With Vilkas’s solution, everything you need to start an e-store and start selling your products are included. You don’t have to integrate any checkout solution with a payment functionality, because it’s already there. And it isn’t just any checkout.

Klarna is simplifying buying

The ingenious thing with Klarna Checkout is the simplicity of it. Your customers only need to type in their email address and zip code to shop. There are no passwords to remember. No need to find a card number or the bank card reader. This makes conversion high, i.e. a high number of the people who end up in the checkout will actually carry out their purchase.

Some of the advantages with Klarna Checkout

  1. Everything is included. You only need one single agreement with Vilkas but your customers can pay with invoice, part payments, card or bank transfer.
  2. You always get paid. Klarna assumes all credit and fraud risk.
  3. It works as good in the smartphone as in a laptop. Klarna Checkout actually have as high conversion numbers in mobile units as in computers. That’s unique.
  4. Easy and fast order handling. You don't need to manually keep track of the payments, the invoices are activated automatically. Returns and refunds are also quick and easy to handle.

But again, the biggest advantage is the simplicity that makes you sell more. So no matter how small your web store is, you get the best and smoothest checkout solution when you go with Vilkas.

  • Start selling now
  • Complete solution, everything you need
  • The simplest way for customers to shop
  • No start up fees
  • No monthly fees
  • No minimum contract length
  • All payments handled
  • Minimize friction
  • Maximize conversions
  • Mobile conversion just as high
  • Always get paid
  • No risk
  • No extra admin
  • Powered by Klarna Checkout

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