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Our search engine marketing projects are implemented in collaboration with Okki Oy. Okki is a digital marketing agency specialising in the Finnish market and in the internationalisation of Finnish companies. Together with Into Consultancy, which is Okki's sister company and awarded the Premium Google Partner badge, Okki has executed projects for Disney, Zeropoint and Team Finland, to name a few.

During the project, Okki’s experts build Google Ads campaigns for your webshop and optimise them to work in the most efficient way possible. After the project is finished, the Google Ads account and the campaigns in it will stay in your use. If you wish, you can continue marketing on Google without making any changes to the campaign settings.

Power Start to SEM includes:

  • Search term analysis
    Before creating the campaigns, you will get a search term analysis, which takes your webshop’s industry, products and competitors in consideration.
  • Creation of Google Ads account
    In case your company doesn’t have a Google Ads account yet, we will open it for you. After the project, the account will stay under your control.
  • Building up Google Ads campaigns
    We will create the campaigns, ad groups, search terms and ad texts you need.
  • Maintenance of the campaigns for three months
    Halfway along the project, the campaigns will be optimised. The functionality of the campaigns, search terms and ads will be analysed and the necessary changes made.
  • Three remote meetings with digital marketing experts
    In the meetings, we will discuss the functionality of the campaigns and answer the questions you possibly have about search engine marketing. In the first meeting, we will go through the beginning of the project. The second one focuses on strategy, and in the third meeting, we will take a look at the details in finishing the project.
  • A written report once a month
    We will create an automated monthly report and send it at the end of each month. In the report, you will find the most important key numbers on month, day and campaign level easily. 


1,000€/month (VAT 0) during three months, so 3,000€ (VAT 0) during the whole project. In addition to this, the customer has to pay for the Google Ads marketing budget. Our recommendation for a marketing budget is 1,000 €/month, at least, but it can be set according to your needs.

We can also add other kinds of campaigns, such as Display or Shopping, to the campaign. The additional campaigns will be charged separately.


Search Engine Marketing Maintenance

If you wish, Into Consultancy can continue the maintenance of your webshop's Google Ads account even after Power Start to SEM project. The service includes the following parts which will be implemented every month:

  • Creation of negative keywords
  • Keyword analysis
  • Optimising the budget according to the client's next month budget
  • Reporting

Commitment period for the service is three months. After the commitment period, the contract can be ended or renewed for the next three months.


Price: 500€/month (+ VAT)

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