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Search engine optimisation i.e SEO means editing a web page’s content and information to be search engine friendly, so that the search engine understands to whom the content is relevant. Search engine friendly pages rank higher on search results than pages that are badly or not at all optimised. SEO is long-term marketing that brings results after months and years.

We offer two different SEO and digital marketing consultation packages:

Start Your SEO

This is a great start for your webshop if you want clear check marks on how to get your SEO progress up and rolling. We investigate your website and compare it to your competitors’, find the best keywords for your business, and tell you step by step what to do to get your website to climb up in the search engine rankings. You will also get tips on how to shuttle in social media.

600 € (VAT 0)

Start Your SEO package includes:

  • Scanning your website with an SEO scanning tool
    You get an inclusive listing of what’s missing and what should be fixed in the eyes of SEO.
  • Testing keywords
    By testing multiple keywords we will get understanding of what are the best keywords to optimise to get the webshop to rise in search results.
  • Competitors overview
    With a competitors overview, you will get an idea of who’s competing of the same search engine visibility with you. You will get examples of how your opponents have dealt with SEO and tips on what you can do to achieve as good results as possible.
  • Installing Google Analytics
    If your business does not yet have a Google Analytics account, we will set it up for you. The account will be left for your own use.
  • Social media guidance
    We will take a look at how your business is dealing with social media and give tips on what to improve.
  • 1–2 remote meetings with a Vilkas expert
    In remote meetings, we will map out your webshop’s situation, your hopes on SEO and finally the results and how to go on.
  • A written report
    The report gives you a comprehensible look to your webshop’s SEO presence and guidelines for the future. The step-by-step instructions make it easy for you to get your SEO going.

Power Start Your SEO

Power Start Your SEO package is a great choice if you want to track your keywords and the search engine visibility of your webshop during a longer period of time. The package includes also tailored texts for your webshop or editing already existing texts which guarantees there will be reader-friendly content both for search engines and customers, on your webshop.

1 000 € (VAT 0)

Power Start Your SEO package includes in addition to the earlier listing:

  • A three-month tracking period of your keywords
    We will track the progress of the chosen keywords so you will see the effects of the optimisation concretely.
  • Two additional remote meetings with a Vilkas expert
    The additional meetings with a Vilkas expert help you to keep on track of the progress of the project.
  • A written follow-up report
    A wider follow-up report gives you a comprehensible look to your webshop’s search engine visibility progress during the three months.
  • Text production or edition of texts
    With texts tailored to your webshop, you will get interesting, relevant and search engine friendly content for the web pages you’ve chosen. Languages available are English and Finnish. The package includes 1,200 words of text. Also editing already existing texts is possible.

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