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This feature will be removed. It is not recommended to use it in new shops.

2ndChain is a product supplier portal for web shops, where you can easily pick between hundreds of product brands with competitive prices and sell them in your shop. Read more about 2ndChain (in Finnish).


Start using 2ndChain in your shop

The settings can be found on the Settings > Logistics/warehousing > 2ndChain page. By following the instructions on this page you can start using the service. Once you have registered with 2ndChain you can fill out your user details in the shop settings.

The Update categories to 2ndChain button sends the shop category structure to 2ndChain's system.
The Fetch product data from 2ndChain and update to the shop button fetches the chosen products from 2ndChain's system to the shop. The products will be immediately available to buy in the shop. The product information will also be automatically updated every night.



How to use 2ndChain

You can sign in to 2ndChain's admin by clicking the link in the shop admin or by signing in straight to https://pro.2ndchain.com/

In 2ndChain's admin you can see the products and their settings from the Catalog section.

Set Pricing let's you change the pricing of the products.
Map Product let's you map the listed products to the shop categories.
Category Mapping let's you map which 2ndChain category corresponds to which shop category.
Add Selected to Cart adds the chosen products to the shopping basket incase you would like to order them manually from 2ndChain.

By using the search field you can limit the list of products based on search words, tags or categories.


For each order in the web shop there is the "2ndChain" tab where you can see the time stamps for order sent/cancelled to 2ndChain. On the page you also have the "Send order" and "Cancel order" buttons. You can only cancel a complete order from the shop administration. If the order is only partly returned then you need to make the change in the 2ndChain admin.


FAQ about 2ndChain

How does the delivery work from 2ndChain?

Products are sent from 2ndChain's warehouse in a single shipment straight to the end customer. Some of the products are sent straight from the producer's or the reseller's warehouses straight to the end customer, so called drop shipping. For these products the delivery cost is included in the product price. The delivery time depends on the distributor, but usually it's around 2-4 working days.

How should I define the delivery costs in the shop when the products are sent from different places?
We would recommend that you define the delivery costs as usual and not try to build complicated rules.

Search words: drop shipping, drop in sales

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