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Adding delivery methods

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It's possible to add new delivery methods using several different types of settings. The type of the delivery method defines the price method. The delivery methods can be found in the shop administration at the Settings > Delivery page.

You can add a new delivery method by clicking the "Add" button on the top left.

In the window that opens you fill in a name and choose a type for the delivery method. The type of the delivery method defines the price model.

By clicking the delivery method name in the list you get to it's settings.


In the settings for the delivery method you can add the name that you want to show to your customers in the different languages and, depending which type you chose, the price. For example in the type "Fixed price" the delivery always has the same price.


Delivery method types

You can add the delivery type you would like to use in your shop. Depending on which type you choose, the settings for the price are different.


Free delivery

In this type there is no price settings at all, it is always free. For example this could be used if you offer the option for the customer to pick up their order themselves.


Fixed price

In the settings for this type there is only one field for the price, which means it is always the same.


Exemption limit

Exemption limit is a type that lets you offer free delivery after a certain price limit in the shopping basket. In these settings there is one normal price field, as in "Fixed price", as well as a field that lets you set the limit over which you want to offer free delivery. With this type there is also a reminder showing to customers in the shop that have a lower price in the shopping basket. The reminder makes the customer aware that if they shop over that limit they will get free delivery.


Shopping basket total

With this delivery type the price is defined based on the total price in the shopping basket. You can for example set the delivery price to gradually lower when the price goes up. In this example the limits are set to 50€ and 100€.


Weight of the products in the shopping basket

With this type you can set the price depending on the total weight of the products in the shopping basket. To be able to use this type the weight has to be added to the settings for all the products. For example you could set the prices to match the prices you pay your shipping partner.


Number of products in the shopping basket

With this type you can set the price depending on how many products are in the shopping basket. The limits are set in a similar way as in the previous example.


Other delivery types


ShipAdvisor - all delivery methods

This delivery type is linked to Consignor and the prices are pulled from the Consignor system.

Pacsoft - PickupLocator

This delivery type is linked to deliveries to pick up points via Unifaun and PostNord.

Shipping based on postal area

This type can be used if you want to limit a delivery method to specific postal areas. The settings are similar to the ones for "Exemption limit".



This is a delivery method that can not be chosen by the customer. For example if you are using a drop down menu for the customer to choose the delivery method in the check out, you can add this as the first choice to make the customer aware they have to choose a delivery method before they can go to the next step.

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