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With Avarda's payment solutions, you will get more returning customers to your business, increase your conversions and improve your profitability. Your customers are offered a flexible and customer-friendly financing option, while saving on marketing costs. When you make a purchase, the customer only creates an account that works in your store, and the threshold for returning to shopping is clearly lower.

Avardan Checkout + includes all the most common payment methods in e-commerce. You can choose between invoice and account, card and online payments, and MobilePay. In line with the white label concept, you can also customize your checkout so that your brand and identity are visible and the payment solution is a natural part of the website as a whole. This will increase conversions, increase the number of returning customers, and improve your profitability.

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The price of the Avarda payment service

Fixed pricing € 0.35 + 1.99% / transaction (minimum invoicing € 20 / month). No other costs or opening fee.


Before the Avarda payment service can be introduced in the online store, an agreement with Avarda and IDs for the payment method are required.

To add Avarda to your store as a new payment method, follow these steps.

  1. In your store manager, go to  Settings> Payment.
  2. In the bottom row of the list of payment methods, select Avarda as the payment method type . 
  3. Click Save.
  4. Open the Avarda payment method you added from the list.
  5. Go to Settings.
  6. Register for Avarda: From the link filling out the form
  7. Avarda will normally be in touch within a couple of banking days and once you have signed an agreement with them you will receive IDs for the payment method.
  8. Fill in the noun and subword fields you received from Avarda .
  9. Make the form of payment visible on the General tab.


Avarda payment service in your store

The store's Avarda payment method contains various settings that can affect the operation of the payment method. 


  • Username  - This completes the username provided by Avarda.
  • Password  - Fill in the password provided by Avarda.
  • Show: Payment form in shopping cart  - If you wish, you can display the payment form directly on the shopping cart page. You should only use this if there are no other payment methods in the store.
  • Activate order: When order is placed ready for delivery  - You can select whether to activate payment when the order status is set to ready for delivery.
  • Activate order: When order is placed on delivery  - You can select whether to activate payment when the order status is set on delivery (default).
  • Activate order: When order is placed delivered  - You can select whether to activate the payment when the order status is set to delivered (default).
  • Activate order: When the tracking code is saved for the order (Post, Matkahuolto, Parcel Store and Shipfunk)  - You can choose whether to activate the payment when the tracking code is saved for the order.
  • Currency  - Select the currency used for the payment method. 
  • Customer Type  - Select whether customers can be both consumers and businesses, or only consumers or businesses.
  • Terms of Use  - Choose which page in your store contains the terms of use.
  • Hide payment from the normal ordering process  - You can choose to hide your Avarda payment method from the normal ordering process.
  • Show Terms of Service Acceptance - Select whether a checkbox for acceptance of the Terms of Use appears on the payment form.

Once you've set up your form of payment  you can still make your form of payment visible to your customers in the General section. In addition, in Settings> Payment, you  should check that any unnecessary payment methods are also hidden and that the payment methods are in the desired order. 

Finally, it is worth testing the operation on the customer side of the store. When testing, you should make sure that the Avarda payment form opens and works normally.


Expand FAQ: 

My store came with an order without "paid" space. What does it mean?

All orders paid for with Avarda that come in the store should be ok for payment and always in "paid" mode. If the "paid" status is missing, then the payment information has not been fully received for the order. You may want to check that the payment is normally visible on your payment service.

If the payment is otherwise displayed normally, then the paid status can be placed on the order and the order will be processed normally.

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