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You can deliver your merchandise with Bring in Norway. Your customers can see the prices based on the orders weight and choose between the delivery options you have activated. The prices are fetched directly from Bring, and you can print out package slips and other necessary documents from the administration pages. We have made the integration based on Brings API, but Bring can also be used through our EDI integrations Consignor Shipadvisor or Unifaun.

User guide for Bring API integration

  1. Registrer your company as a customer in MyBring and recieve userdata for the service.
  2. Open the administration pages and choose Settings -> Delivery from the menu.
  3. Click the "Add" button.

Choose Bring Package as your Logistic provider, Dynamic pricing as type and give the delivery method a fitting name.

When you have added the delivery methods you wish to use, they will be displayed in a list you can see from the menu Settings > Delivery. If there is a yellow warning triangle, you can follow the link to finalize setting up the delivery method and add the missing information.

Settings for Bring

Add our user information and set a standard weight before clicking "Save"

Now you can click "BringParcel: Update"

Follow the instructions in the dialog box, set "Test" to try out the deliverymethod in the shop and "Live" to activate the delivery method for end customers.


Order handeling

Deliveries with Bring can be handled one by one or in batch.

Go to Orders->Orders in the menu. You will see all new orders marked with bold style. Choose the orders with deliverymethod from Bring(in the example below the Bring deliveries is called "Postpakke"). Now use the "Create documents"-button.

It will appear a dialog box where you can choose what to do and what status the order(s) should have after you press the "Create"-button.


Next step is to place the freight orders in Brings system. This you can do from with the "Add+" drop down button and "Get Bring Labels" in the list view for all orders or from the menu Ordrer->Leveranser->Bring.

When you press "Trigger shipping order" the system will send the order to Bring and you will recieve paggage slips with a freight numbe in pdf format. You can print out the package slips right away or later, the order will have them stored for later access. To see previous Bring deliveries you can press the "transactions"-button on the same side. Here all frieght orders placed in Bring's system is displayed, and you can accsess collective orders or each individual delivery by freight number to print out package slips or sending tracking numbers for the end customer.


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