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Facebook product feed

Starter No
Mini Yes
Active Yes
Pro Yes

Option 1 - Google Shopping product feed

Available in Active and Pro shops. You can use the Google Shopping product feed as it is in Facebook Business manager.

  1. Create the feed from the shop administration on the Marketing > Product portals > Google Shopping page.
  2. Choose a user name, password and file name for the data feed (these can be anything when only used for Facebook).
  3. Choose to export all products or choose individual products.
  4. Then choose "Export" and click the "Display export file" link.
  5. Copy the export file URL-address.

Create a catalogue in Facebook Business manager

  1. On the page "Assets > Catalogs" you choose "Create catalog"
  2. Choose the type "E-commerce"
  3. Choose "Upload product info" and then click "Create"
  4. Once the catalogue has been created, choose "Add data source > Add new product"
  5. Choose "Use data feeds" (image below)
  6. Choose "Set schedule", add the address you copied from the Google Shopping export file, choose your standard currency and then click "START UPLOAD" (image below)
  7. Once the upload is done you will find the products on the "Products" tab in Business manager

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Option 2 - Create a csv file manually

In Facebook Business manager you follow the steps described adove, but instead of choosing Set schedule, you choose "Upload once".

  1. Export the shop products from the shop administration on the Products > Import and export page.
  2. Download the Facebook template for a csv file and edit the shop's csv file according to Facebook's template before you upload it in Facebook Business manager.

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