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Facebook shop

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By adding a shop app to your company Facebook page you can show the products from your shop's home page or promotional products to your Facebook visitors.

Note! The Facebook shop is using the feature Facebook Page Tabs. Facebook now has a limitation for that feature, so it is only available to Pages with 2000 or more followers.


Add a shop to Facebook

In the shop administration on the Marketing > Social Web > Facebook > Shop in Facebook page you will find instructions on how to add a Facebook shop. By following the instructions step by step you can first create a new Facebook page if needed and then add the shop on Facebook. On this page you also choose if you want the products from the home page or the promotional products to show on Facebook.


The shop on Facebook

When the shop has been added to Facebook the products you chose from the shop will show on your Facebook page. When a Facebook visitor clicks to add the product to the basket they are then forwarded to the actual shop where the product has been added to the basket.



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