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If you want to sell gift cards in your shop you can use coupon codes by giving them a money value and then sending the code to the customer. Gift cards can be sold from the Active shop type and up, which has the coupon code function.


Create a gift card product

To sell the gift cards you create a normal product from the menu Products > New > Product and give the product a price. You then create a coupon campaign for the same amount. If you want to sell gift cards for different amounts you either create several different products, use the product variations or on the tab "Open price" you choose to give the product an open price. The customer can then choose the amount themselves with some restrictions. For each amount you sell you create an own coupon campaign.

The gift card product is usually a normal product with a set product number. The thing that is different from other products is that you set the product to have a VAT of 0%.



Gift card code from the coupon campaign

The gift card code that you send to the customer is created in a coupon campaign and the code will then give a discount in the shop when used. On the Marketing > Coupons page you create a coupon campaign as usual. In the settings for the campaign you fill in the gift card value and choose that it will be used as a gift coupon with 0% VAT. You also choose that redemption voids the coupon code since you will create a new code for each customer who buys a gift card and you don't want the same customer to be able to buy for the value several times.

We recommend not creating the codes in advance, instead create the code once the customer has bought a gift card. Then you know that each code is an actual gift card and they will be easier to track. The created code is then sent to the customer in the way you prefer. You could for example send it in a normal email or print it on an actual gift card and send it in an envelope to the customer.


Using the gift card in the shop

The customer can use the gift card code in the basket when they place their order. There are some limitations that are good to pay attention to. The full value of the coupon needs to be used at the same time. It's not possible to use half of the value in one order and then the other half in another. In the shop you can only use one coupon code at a time, so it is not possible to use several gift cards or other coupon codes for the same order.

On this support page you can find more information about coupons:


Delivery method for gift cards

If you don't already offer free delivery it's a good idea to create a delivery method for the gift cards. If you are planning to send the gift cards by email you can on the Settings > Delivery page for example create a delivery method called "Delivery by email". Use the delivery method type "Weight of the products in the basket" where you can set different prices and a maximum weight. When you fill in the weight of the products you can limit the "Delivery by email" so that it can only be used for orders where the total weight is zero, meaning that someone is buying only a gift card and no other actual products at the same time.

For example you could use:

Delivery by email - maximum weight 5g
Letter - maximum weight 500g
Package - no maximum weight

Or you could use the same delivery method, but set different prices for different weights and then for example give the 0-5g weight a price of 0€.

In Pro and Enterprise you can also limit the delivery methods for specific products in the product's settings on the "General" tab.


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