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Google Ads enables you to advert your web shop in Google search results and in the Google display network. A carefully built campaign in Ads is very cost efficient since the campaign audience can be targeted very precisely.

Getting started

You need a Google account to log into Google Ads. The same account can be used both for Ads and Google Analytics but you manage only one Ads account with one Google account.

  1. Create an account for your online store at ads.google.com
  2. Create your first campaign
  3. Submit the invoicing information for your account

It's as simple as that – now your ads will start showing up in Google search results and other advertising placements of your choosing.

Tracking the results

It's vital to measure your campaign's efficiency in order to be able to target your marketing budget only on those ads which yield results and to abandon inefficient ads.

A tracking code is added to the order confirmation page. This gives you the information to be able to track if the sales originated from the Ads campaigns.

  1. Open ads.google.com >Tools > Conversions
  2. Create a new conversion and name it for example “Order”
  3. 3. Continue following the instructions until you are asked “Who makes changes to your website code?”
    • Select “I make the changes” and copy the 20-line code to your clipboard
    • Open the Marketing > Google Ads page in your administration and paste the code there.

Linking to Google Analytics

If you link your Ads account to Google Analytics, the Analytics reports will start producing information about the visibility of your adverts. You can link your Google Analytis account to Ads in the Ads admin page My Account > Linked Accounts > Google Analytics.

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