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Register in Google Analytics

Your webshop has a ready-made Google Analytics integration that makes it easy to use Google Analytics without having to manually add tracking codes to the shop. You enable the Google Analytics integration on the Marketing > Google Analytics page. The integration automatically adds the so-called tracking codes to all of the shop's pages and sends order information to Google's tracking. This allows Google Analytics to provide more detailed information about how many visitors you have, how they use the shop, what pages they look at and how much they buy.

At the top of the Google Analytics page you will find step-by-step instructions on how to start using the service and how to open a Google Analytics account, if you don't already have one. To create a Google Analytics account, you can click the link in the instructions or click here: Create a Google Analytics account.

Once you have a Google Analytics account, enter your tracking ID in the field on the Marketing > Google Analytics page and save. No other settings are needed in the shop administration, once you have saved your tracking ID in the field, visitor statistics will start being sent to Google Analytics.


You will find your tracking ID in Google Analytics under Admin > Property settings in the field Tracking ID.

The statistics will start appearing about a day after you register. You can also test that your tracking code is working by looking at the real-time overview in Google Analytics while navigating to different pages of your shop from another browser window. Real-time tracking should then show pageviews.


Sales statistics in Google Analytics

The webshop integration automatically sends sales and order information to Google Analytics, but the Google Analytics account does not track this by default.

To be able to see the sales information, such as which keywords and sources generate the highest sales, then you need to enable e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics. You set up the site as an e-commerce site in Google Analytics under Admin > E-commerce Settings by enabling the e-commerce tracking.

In the E-commerce Settings in Google Analytics there is the Enable E-commerce setting that must be enabled in order for Google Analytics to track order values.


Verification of the website

If the site has not yet been verified, e.g. by using Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics will ask you to confirm that it is your site. An alternative method must be used for the verification. This support page guides you through how to successfully verify the site.


Exclusion of web banks and other fake sources

If you see different web banks or other fake sources for the purchases in your online store, you can exclude them in Google Analytics. Under Admin > Tracking Info > Referral Exclusion List, you can add false sources to the list and exclude them from your referral traffic.

Here is more information on the subject from Google: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2795830?hl=en


Manually set up Google Analytics tracking

If you don't want to use the Google Analytics automatic integration for some reason, for example if you want to use your own custom tracking code, there are fields on the Settings > General settings > Advanced settings page where you can manually add the tracking code.

In addition, you can add a conversion code in the Text for confirmation page / Affiliate tracking code field on the Settings > Basket settings > Texts page in the shop administration and, if necessary, add placeholders to the code.

We recommend to use only one of these methods, either the automatic integration or the manual tracking code.


Google Analytics FAQ

Q: I installed Google Analytics in my shop, but no information is displayed in Google Analytics.
A: It usually takes a few days before the information starts to appear, after you have linked the store with your account. If this is not the problem then it may be worth double checking that you have used the tracking ID associated with the Google Analytics account you want to use.

Q: Google Analytics displays information, but you can't see the sales amount. How do I get the shop system to send information about the sales amount?
A: The shop always sends the sales amount to Google Analytics, there is no setting to stop it. Make sure you have enabled E-commerce tracking in Google Analytics (see instructions above).

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