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How to sell downloadable products?

Starter No
Mini No
Active Yes
Pro Yes

With Active and Pro it is possible to sell files that the customer can download after ordering. To be able to sell files you need to create a product and attach the file/files.

Create a product for the file you want to sell

The new product is created by choosing Products > New > Downloadable product.

Add the product number, name, price and other information as usual for the product.

Once added you can then upload the file/files to the product on the page "Downloads". The file can be uploaded to the shop or attached from another server. If you use the shop's own server the maximum size of a file is 10 MB.

It's possible to add a time frame for how many days the file is available for download after order. If the field is left blank there is no time frame.

It's also possible to add a limit to the amount of times the file can be downloaded. If the field is left blank there is no limit to the amount of downloads.


Buying a downloadable product

The product is ordered as usual in the shop and paid for with one of the existing payment methods.

After the order confirmation the customer will recieve the link to the product. The link is also sent in the confirmation email. If the customer is registered in your shop it is also possible to log in at a later stage to download the file, as long as the time frame and amount of downloads is still valid.

Security when transfering files

  • The customer will never see the actual address of the file, instead the link points to the shop server that checks the order validity. If valid, the customer is guided to the file. Thanks to this the link can not be shared with others.
  • There is no copy protection (DRM) created for the files that are sold. Once sold the file is available to the customer as usual.

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