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Integrations with external systems

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The web shop can be integrated, i.e. automating the information flow with external systems. These systems can be for example ERP, invoicing and warehouse systems etc.

Integration from external system to the web shop (Pro)

Vilkas Group has one of the market's most advanced Web Service interfaces that can be used by third parties. The interface is completely open and by using it you can read, add, update and delete data for the customers, categories, products, prices, stock levels and orders.

The Web Service interface can be use with our Pro shop level. The integrations are made by an external part, for example the provider of the external system or another part that build the necessary connections between the external system and the web shop. The Web Service interface is a service with an extra cost of 50€/month. If you would like to use our WebService, please contact us (sales@vilkasgroup.com) and we will be able to activate the service for your shop.

An up to date description of the WebService interface can be found here.

The Web Service interface is also backwards compatible. This means that if an integration is built with a specific version of the interface and Vilkas then upgrade their system to a new version, the old version of the interface still works as normal. The saves you from costs as you don't necessarily need to upgrade the integration. Of course you can also choose to use the new version of the interface if it has new useful functions.

Our partner Flashnode Oy, http://www.flashnode.com is a Finnish company specialised in integrations and might be able to support you with your integrations.

App with REST API

As a new alternative it is now also possible to build an app that can then be offered to all web shops using the ePages system.

More information about this from ePages' developer pages: https://developer.epages.com/

Integration from the web shop to external system (Enterprise)

Vilkas Group has a lot of experience from integration projects. All the functions that have been built by Vilkas for payments, logistics, company back end systems, marketing, market portals and other extra functions are all integration projects. Vilkas Group receives the API documentation from partners and according to that the web shop is integrated with external systems. Several hundreds of integrations have been made and we are experts in this area.

Vilkas has had unconditional praise for their project work. This is also confirmed by several third parties that can give feedback about Vilkas Group's integration expertise and efficiency. The arguments have included customer-oriented attitude, flexibility, quick reactions, strong knowledge in their own products as well as excellent transparency in the projects.

During the projects we are especially focused on the definition phase. The ability to understand the customer's needs and, especially while handling several different systems, interdependencies is mainly achieved through many years of professional experience.

The projects are mainly carried out in the following steps, “definition - planning - creation - testing - implementation”. But within the project it's also possible to carry out iterations for different features and functions. Vilkas Group always perform their own testing, but the final testing and approval is done by the customer. The customer reports the errors or deficiencies they discover in an agreed manner directly in the project system. Vilkas Group then conducts the necessary changes and transfer the functions back to the customer for final testing. These steps are repeated as many times as needed until the customer approves the system.

Transparent project work

Vilkas Group uses an online project tool which the customer's project contact person will have access to. Any work that is done on the project will be specified in the project system so the progress can be followed in real time. Every task will get an assignee who is responsible for the work. Our project work is completely transparent towards the customer.

It's easy for the users to add comments and questions in the project system. By using the system all the agreed work will be completed and all the information about different functions are documented, which can be useful in the future.

More information

The Enterprise solution gives the possibility for wider integrations and customised functions. If you are interested in our Enterprise solution our sales manager Timo Korvenoja is happy to tell you more. Please contact Timo on +358 50 65 013 or by email timo.korvenoja@vilkas.fi.

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