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Klarna update 2020

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Important information: The old interfaces of Klarna Checkout and Klarna Payment Methods will cease to work in September / October 2020, so check now that you have the latest and greatest solution! The old interface of the Klarna Payment Method solution will close at the end of this month (September 2020) and the old interface of the Klarna Checkout will close at the end of October. Luckily, upgrading is easy and you’ll find detailed instructions below, so don’t take a cup of hot and get started!


The upgrade is a two-step process. 

  1. First, you should visit the Klarna Merchant Portal to accept the new terms, follow the instructions and create and save new merchant IDs. 
  2. Then log in to Vilkas administration and change the new IDs in your payment settings.

Can't you wait? You can start the update on the Klarna Merchant Portal so START HERE . Below you will find additional instructions for completing the version upgrade, so see you soon! Your old solution won’t stop working even if you apply for new IDs, so you don’t have to wait for the perfect moment to upgrade!

 Let's get started


Why is a version upgrade needed?

New solutions come with many benefits and new functionalities! The most important thing for you is to know that in the future, the life of both you and your customers will be a bit smoooth more. You can read more about the benefits on the Klarna FAQ website here .


How do I know if I have a new interface and the latest treats or an old solution that will soon stop working?

If you have enabled Klarna Checkout through Lively since April 2020, you probably have the latest version of Klarna Checkout and can sigh with relief, lift your legs to the table and relax! Another easy way to check the version of your solution is to dig up the Klarna merchant ID. If the ID is in the form K123456, you are also in clear waters and the solution is the latest, but if your merchant ID is just numbers, it's time to act and update the solution right away!


How do I know which Klarna solution I have? 

The easiest way to identify a solution is to check the payment methods included in the solution. 

Klarna Checkout (KCO) is a comprehensive checkout solution that includes all the payment methods customers need: online banking payments, invoices, promotions, card payments and installment options. Klarna Checkout is known for its ease of use, as its address module pre-populates personal information on behalf of your customer. Most of our merchants use this solution!

Klarna Payment Methods (KPM) and the new Klarna Payments (KP) solution offer individual payment methods offered by Klarna, in Finland these are currently Pay Later (Klarna invoice) and Pilko payments (Klarna installment options), in addition to In the new solution versions, the latest campaigns are always automatically found at your checkout!


Once you know which solution you have and have created and saved new IDs in the Klarna Merchant Portal, follow these steps:


Klarna Checkout (KCO) 

Log in to Lively Background Management -> Select Settings -> Payment -> Select Klarna Checkout from payment methods -> Settings -> Click “I already have v3 IDs” -> change new IDs saved in Klarna Merchant Portal to Lively Background Management. 


Klarna Payment Methods (KPM)

Log in to Lively Background Management -> Select Settings -> Payment -> Select Klarna (Lively) -> Settings -> Change payment method from old Klarna Payment Method to new Klarna Payments from the submenu -> change new IDs saved in Klarna Merchant Portal to Lively Background Management. 


Did you succeed? Great! Any questions left? Read more tips on upgrading here: 

Klarna FAQ

Klarna - Klarna Checkout

Klarna - Klarna Payment Methods


If the payment method does not work after updating the IDs, then ... 

  1. Make sure that the IDs have been copied correctly and that no extra spaces have been included in the data during copying, for example
  2. If necessary, you can create new interface IDs in Klarna Manager. In Klarna Checkout payment method, you can switch to v2 version and save and then you can re-add v3 IDs to the payment method.
  3. In the case of Klarna Payments, the transaction payment method has a setting for the version next to the IDs
  4. If the form of payment still doesn't work, even though you've verified that the IDs have been entered correctly, please contact Klarna Merchant Support and ask them to verify that everything is set up active for that account.

Klarna Merchant Support
+3589 425 99 773


Activation of old payments

In connection with the upgrade, it should be noted that payments made with the old contract (old IDs) may not be activated with the IDs of the new contract. Therefore you should activate as many payments as possible before changing IDs. If older orders / payments are not activated after changing the IDs, they must be activated in Klarna's service.

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