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OGOship is a warehouse service for e-commerce that lets you outsource you product warehouse and logistics. The integration sends the web shop orders to OGOship who then takes care of the delivery to the end customer. OGOship has locations in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

Use OGOship in your web shop

To be able to use the service you first need an ID and password from OGOship. You then add these on the Settings > Logistics/warehousing > OGOship.

On the "Advanced" tab you choose for which status the orders should be sent to OGOship.

On the "Shipping methods" tab you choose for which delivery methods the orders should be sent to OGOship.

Product settings

If needed you can outsource only a part of you products to OGOship. In the product information there is a "OGOship" tab that lets you choose whether you want to send that product to OGOship or not.


Cash on delivery

If you are using Itella logistics and their cash on delivery service "Postiennakko" you need to make sure that the payment method type is the "CashOnDelivery" to ensure the information is automatically sent to OGOship.


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