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Paytrail is a payment service that allows you to take payments from credit cards and all Finnish internet banks in the same agreement.

Installing Paytrail in the shop

Go to the Settings > Delivery and payment > Payment methods page in the administration och create a new payment method by choosing "Paytrail" from the drop down menu and click "Save".

The new payment method is added to the list.

Open the new payment method by clicking it's name, add the "Merchant ID" and "Merchant secret key" on the Settings page, this information will be provided to you by Paytrail.

Finally, sett the payment method as visible on the General page.

Show the payment method logos in the shop

You can add the logos of the payment methods with which you have an agreement on the Design > Advanced design page. Click "Insert page element" and choose "Logos for accepted credit cards (Paytrail)" and click "Insert". Then click "Save" in order to save.

Note In order to allow the customers to pay with Paytrail their address needs to contain the country. Set the country to visible and required in the settings on the Settings > Basket settings > Registration page. To edit which countries are allowed go to the Settings > Country Settings > Countries page. If you are only operating in your own country you can delete all other countries from the list.

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