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Print address labels

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You can print address labels straight from your web shop with a label printer by using the function for Itella Prinetti Port Payé. If you fill out your Itella Port Payé agreement number the labels will work for Port Payé and if you don't fill out any agreement number the labels can be used for normal letters.

Address label settings

On the Settings > Itella Prinetti settings > PortPayé page you find the settings for the labels. Here you can fill out the sender address and the size of the labels. If you fill out your agreement number the fields "Model" and "Format" define the way it is printed on the label. If you don't fill out an agreement number those two fields are not used.

When the settings are completed you can print a label for a specific order on the "General" order page by clicking the link for PortPayé.

The label design

If you choose to show the sender address and don't fill out an agreement number the label is printed as normally.

If you fill out your Port Payé agreement number the necessary marks are also printed on the label.

Print several labels at the same time

On the Orders > Orders page you can choose several orders and then click the "PortPayé" button in the top menu. This prints all the labels for the chosen orders at the same time. The "PortPayé" button might also be found in the top menu behind the "Delivery" options if the shop is using several logistics integrations.

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