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Product with an open price

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In the Vilkas Suite shops it's possible to add a product without a fixed price, where the customer can themselves choose the price they want to pay for the product, This can be useful for example for donations, when selling gift cards or if you have agreed with a customer on a price that doesn't exist as a fixed price in the shop.


When you open up a product from the Products > Products page by clicking the product number you will find a tab called Open price. That's where you will find the settings that will give the product an open price.


In the open price settings you can choose to give the product an open price, which title should be used in front of the price field and what settings should be used for the price.

Is open price product: Yes/No – Here you choose whether this product should have an open price.
Add price to product name: Yes/No – Here you can choose whether you want the price the customer chooses to be displayed as part of the product name in the basket and on the order confirmation or if the price is only displayed as usual.
Title – Here you choose which text to display before the price field on the product page.
Min – You can set a minimum value for the price the customer can choose.
Max – You can set a maximum value for the price the customer can choose.
Step – You can specify the range at which the price can be selected.
Rounding precision – You can specify how the price is rounded, ie if the price can be stated in pennies, pounds or even tens of pounds.


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