Inventory report

You can export an inventory report from the web shop that can be used directly for your accounting. It uses the purchase price field from the product settings and also shows the stock location if it has been saved for the products. Read more on this page.

Gift cards

It's possible to use coupon codes with a money value as gift cards and send the code to the customer who bought the gift card. On this page you can read more about how.


2ndChain is a product supplier portal for web shops, where you can easily pick between hundreds of product brands with competitive prices and sell them in your shop. Read more about 2ndChain here.

Filter for better search results

The search filter function allows the customer to quickly find the product they are looking for. The search filter shows on a category page or on the search results page and lets the customer easily choose for example the colour they are looking for or filter out the products that are too expensive. Read more about how to use the filter in these instructions.


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