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Filter for better search results

The search filter function allows the customer to quickly find the product they are looking for. The search filter shows on a category page or on the search results page and lets the customer easily choose for example the colour they are looking for or filter out the products that are too expensive. Read more about how to use the filter in these instructions.

Discount campaigns

Discounts for the products in your shop can be set in several different ways. All the functions are not available in all the shop levels. In these instructions you can read more about how to set up the discounts and what is available in the different shop levels.

Importing/Exporting Products

With the Import/Export functionality you can create or edit products, content pages or customers in one batch run. For example, you can make all the required price alterations for the whole product register in Excel (or some other spreadsheet tool), if you have some basic knowledge of using spreadsheets.


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