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Return form

According to EU consumer directives all web shops should from the 13th of June 2014 offer a standard form that customers can use to inform they want to return products. The from can be provided either online or on paper.

In Vilkas web shops there is a function that can be used to give the customer the possibility to fill out the return form straight in the shop. The merchant can themselves decide how they want to receive a request of order cancellation as long as there are clear instructions about this for the customer.

There are three differrent ways for the customer to use the return form

  1. Registered customers can log in to the shops "My account", open their order from the order history and click the link "Cancellation form". The form is then pre-filled with the customer and order details. The customer then chooses which products to return.
  2. Non-registered customers can order a cancellation form via email by filling out their email address and order number. By clicking the link in the email sent to them, the customer will get to the same kind of pre-filled form as the registered customers.
  3. If the customer doesn't remember the order number or forgot the email address they used they could also use an empty form where they have to fill out their details and the date when the order was made as well as which products they will return or if the whole order will be returned.

In the shop administration the sent forms end up on the Orders > Returns page. When a customer sends a return form you can also choose to send a confirmation email back to the customer as well as a copy to the web shop email address.

User instructions

To use this function you go to the Settings > Return settings page. Here you can also choose to add a link to the cancellation form in the order confirmation email. This way you can be sure that the customer receives the information about cancellation together with the order.

A link to the return form can also be added in the shop as a design element on the Design > Advanced design page. Choose "Insert page element" in the area where you want the link and choose the element from the topic area "Shopping basket and order".

The email messages are activated from the Settings > E-mail events page. When the customer orders a pre-filled form the email message "Verification of user for order return" is sent with a link to the return form. When a customer sends a return form you can reply with a "Order return" confirmation. You can also choose to receive a copy of the return confirmation sent to your own email address so that you will be informed when a customer has sent in a return form.

Received return forms

In addition to getting a copy of the return confirmation you can also see all the received return forms on the Orders > Returns page. There you can update the status of the returns. The return status is only used internally in the web shop administration. A received return does not change the original order or the product stock level. The original order can be updated by clicking on the order number in the return.

Information about the right of cancellation in the terms and conditions

According to the directives the terms and conditions must clearly contain information about the right of cancellation.

More information about returns:

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