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Search engine optimisation assistant

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SEO Cockpit is a search engine optimisation assistant that analyses the online store SEO status automatically and gives you practical advice how to increase search engine visibility.

SEO Cockpit

You'll find SEO Cockpit from the store administration page Marketing > Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO Cockpit rates the store page optimization giving you useful information which helps you to monitor the development of your online store's optimization. 

SEO Cockpit will tell you what should be done on the pages to enhance their SEO. This can mean producing the right kind of content to the right places, improving internal linking, utilizing the social media functions and investing in product values.


Product page SEO

A SEO value is counted for each product page and product group. Clicking on the SEO link on your product page will show you analysis of the optimisation of that page.

A task list will be generated giving you spesific suggestions on what to improve on the page in order to get better SEO results:

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