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Shop and browser page cache

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Both the web shop and the web browser have their own cache memories which makes the pages load quicker. It can though be good to empty these while making changes and you want the changes to show in the actual shop.


The web shop cache

In Vilkas web shops while making changes to the content or other settings it's also a good idea to update the page cache once the changes are made. When a change has been made a grey button "Page cache: Update now" shows up automatically at the top that you just need to click. But if the button doesn't show up you can still update the page cache by going to the Settins > General Settings > Page cache page and clicking the "Update immediately" button at the bottom.


The web browser cache

The web browser saves loaded pages in the cache memory. When you then go back to the same page it shows the content, such as images, straight from the browser cache memory and doesn't need to be loaded again. This is a normal function and makes it significantly quicker to browse the pages. It can though cause difficulties while making changes to the pages. If you for example change a picture the own web browser doesn't necessarily reload the new picture and instead show the old picture which has been saved in the cache memory.


Reload the page content in the browser

If the browser doesn't show the changed picture or other content you can try to reload the content from the page and skip the browser cache.

  • Hold the shift key on your keyboard while clicking with the mouse the browser button for reloading the page
  • Click "Ctrl + F5" or "Ctrl + Shift + R" on your keyboard (Windows, Linux)
  • Click "Command + Shift + R" on your keyboard (Mac)


Empty the browser cache

The web browser cache memory can be completely emptied. Below instructions on how to empty it in different browsers.



  • click the menu button (hamburger button) on the top right and choose Preferences
  • select the Privacy & Security panel
  • in the Cached Web Content section, click Clear Now


Google Chrome

  • at the top right, click the Chrome menu
  • click More tools and then Clear browsing data
  • at the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select All time
  • check the box for "Cached images and files"
  • click Clear data



  • Safari menu > Empty caches



  • choose from the menu Settings > Preferences > Advanced > History
  • click Empty now


Internet Explorer

  • choose from the menu Tools > Delete browsing history
  • choose Cached images temporary Internet files
  • click Delete


In all the common web browsers you can straight away open a window where you can empty the cache by clicking Ctrl+Shift+Del on your keyboard. For Mac it's Cmd+Shift+Backspace.


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