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Theme: Vilkas North

Starter Yes
Mini Yes
Active Yes
Pro Yes

Vilkas North is a responsive theme for the webshop, that can be installed straight from the shop administration. The North theme can be edited more freely than the other themes in our theme store, that have specific settings. North is a discreet and calm theme where you can add color and style with your own banners and product images.

Mobile view and menu


The Vilkas North theme is easy to install in the shop administration on the Design > My themes page by clicking the "Add new theme" button at the bottom of the page.

Once the theme has been added it ends up at the bottom of the list of themes and from there you can edit it by clicking the link "Start advanced design". You can change colour, images and add new page elements. Please note that the preview of the design can look a bit different from what it actually looks like in the shop. It's always best to check the final result via the link "View of Web site".

Implementation of the theme as an extra service

If you feel it is too difficult or takes too much time to start using this theme you can always order the implementation of the theme as an extra service from us at 295€ (excl. VAT). The service includes the implementation of the theme in your shop as well as adding your logo and changing the colours to match your image. Bigger changes are not included in the service and if bigger changes are needed they should be agreed on separately.

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