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Vilkas Tracker mobile app

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This is a feature that will be removed and it is no longer supported. It is not recommended to start using this as a new merchant.

Vilkas Tracker is an Android app that lets you handle and follow your orders straight in your mobile phone. Download the app from Google Play. The app is free to download and available in English, Finnish and Swedish. The language will be set after the settings in your Android device.

Lataa Vilkas Tracker Google Play -kaupasta

How to use VilkasTracker

Create the Vilkas Tracker users on the Settings > User management >Vilkas Tracker users page.

A user can have two types of roles:

  • Sales volume means that the user gets access to see the sales reports.
  • Picker means that the user can handle orders and update the stock level.

Connect the Vilkas Tracker app to your web shop on the Settings > User management > Vilkas Tracker users > Settings page.

  • Fill out a secret key that will be used to log in from a smartphone.
  • Scan the QR code by using the Vilkas Tracker app (or type the address) on the app page "Settings".

  • Start picking takes you to the list of orders where you can choose the order you would like to start picking
  • Result tracker shows the picking and packing statistics (such as picked orders and time per order)
  • Sales tracker shows the sales statistics (today, yesterday, this week, last week, this month and last month)
  • Receiving products lets you update the product stock levels
  • Settings gets you to the page where you connect the app to your web shop

Pick orders with VilkasTracker

You start picking orders by choosing Start picking. In the list you choose the order you would like to start with. You then get to the order page that shows the products in the order and you can start with the first line. By choosing the line you get to the page that shows the product details and amount ordered. When the product/s has been picked you mark it as picked. On this page you can also choose to either call the customer, add a comment to the delivery note or change the order.


The meaning of the icons in the order list
  • Arrow right - New order ready to be picked
  • Grey basket - The order is already being picked by another user. You can not choose this order.
  • Yellow basket - Order picked by you that was interrupted.
  • Yellow box - Order that has been picked by you but not yet packed.
  • White box - Order that has been picked by another user but not yet packed. All users can choose this to be packed.
  • Grey box - The order is being packed by another user. You can not choose this order.
  • White circle arrow - The order has products that has been sent to rest orders.
shelf location

You can add the shelf location to the product information which helps the pickers to quicker find the products. You type for example "Shelf location" in the settings for the "Attriubte for product" field. The actual shelf location can then be added on the Products > [product] > General page in the field underneath the product number. If you fill out the information there it will show in VilkasTracker. The shelf location can also be added by using the Import/Export function. The name of the shelf location field in the csv file is then "VTExtraInformation".

send delivery note by email

When the order is packed and ready to be sent off it's possible to have the delivery note sent automatically as a pdf file by email to the customer. This function is activated on the Settings > User management > Vilkas Tracker users > Settings page. The delivery note that gets sent to the customer is also saved on the Orders > [order] > Documents page.

Incoming products

The stock level of the products can be easily updated by using Vilkas Tracker. With the function Receiving products you can find the product either by scanning the barcode with the mobile camera or by searching.

To be able to read the barcode the code must be added to each product in the field "Product code (e.g. EAN)" on the Products > [product] > General page.

Reports and statistics

Vilkas Tracker lets you see the statistics in both your mobile and in the shop back office. In the mobile you get a report with all user data together. You can then compare the statistics for different time periods.

In the back office you can see more data on the Orders > Vilkas Tracker page. There you can also compare the average times by a specific user.

Sales reports

With the function Sales tracker you can see the sales and amount of orders in the last days, weeks and months.

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