The 100 first ones

The 100 first Vilkas Now shops half price!

Experience Now among the first ones!

The early bird catches the worm. And the 100 first ones do it half price. Be fast!

Launch offers left:


Open a test shop


9,50 €/month

normally 19 €

Easy setup for e-commerce hatchlings


24 €/month

normally 48 €

Flying takeoff for fancy webshop


37,5 €/month

normally 75 €

Flexible shop for even bigger amount of products


69,5 €/month

normally 139 €

Expansion opportunities for business beasts

Terms and conditions

The offer is valid for the 100 first Vilkas Now webshops purchased. The offer is valid for new S, M, L and XL webshops. To get the offer, choose 12-month (360-day) contract period. Notice that the contract period is binding and during the contract period you can only upgrade, not downgrade the contract. The offer price is valid for one year. After the campaign year, the contract will continue with normal pricing. After the fixed-term contract period ends the contract will be automatically renewed and continue as a fixed-term contract with the same contract period than chosen earlier unless you change the contract period length before the end of the contract period.

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