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Let our experts tailor your webshop to fulfil your business’s needs

Vilkas Group is the leading ecommerce solution provider in Finland and a growing provider in the Nordic countries. Over 2000 companies of different sizes trust their ecommerce in the hands of Vilkas. Our team consists of 23 experts who develop the platform and work with webshop projects.

Vilkas specialists take care of developing the webshop together with the merchant. Vilkas Go experts make sure that the webshop meets the expectations safely and reliably – with no unexpected costs. They help your business grow in every phase of its life cycle, whether you need help with using the webshop or new features. We also provide the tools for marketing and analysing the webshop, decode data together with the client and help to make use of the data to develop the webshop onwards.

Since 1998, we have implemented over 200 tailored ecommerce solutions. The most well-known Vilkas Go clients of the day are for example Puuilo, Marttiini, Hanakat, Tulikivi, Autoliitto, Weiste, Yliopiston verkkoapteekki and Apteekkituotteet

Tailored webshop for every client’s individual needs

We understand the different needs of merchants and end customers and we are able to respond to these needs. Vilkas Go is designed for merchants who expect more of their webshop than what traditional, standardised ecommerce solutions can provide. Vilkas Go is an ecommerce solution that can be tailored endlessly while taking customers needs into account:

  • Speed, reliability and safety
  • Tailored functionalities that help you stand out from your competitors
  • Tailored design following your brand guidelines
  • Integrations to your own and third-party APIs, such as ERP, POS, CRM and PIM
  • Unlimited number of visitors and products
  • Multistore functionalities
  • B2C and B2B sales
  • Global trade
  • Diverse marketing tools and services
  • Named key account manager and support services at Vilkas

Unlimited possibilities to expand your business

Vilkas’ experts make sure that technology does not step between you and the success of your webshop. Instead, Vilkas Go service supports the development of a successful business and provides you with the implementation of both your and your customers' wishes. What you get is not just a package of ready-planned features, but also, at the same time, free hands to expand and modify your webshop to the direction you want. Whether what you are looking for is detailed integration with stock, ERP or financial management, complicated product configurator, marketing tools or implementing visual identity designed by an advertising agency, with Vilkas Go everything is possible.

Implementation of a tailored webshop

Vilkas Go webshops are implemented as agile projects, where the client and Vilkas experts define the targets and needs of the webshop together, to create a mutual vision of the project.

  1. Project starts with defining the current state and needs of the webshop. This way we make sure all parties have a mutual vision of the targets and functions that will serve the end customer and how the webshop integrates to the existing processes of the client.
  2. After the definition phase, we at Vilkas, start the implementation and testing of the webshop. 
  3. The introduction is planned together with the client and we make sure it goes smooth. During the launch, we help to target marketing to the right channels and make sure that the business goals agreed together will be fulfilled and measured against the right data.
  4. After the introduction, the development of the webshop begins. We recognise the possible development points which will be polished together using an agile project model. We will support the webshop during its whole life cycle and want to make it successful together with the merchant. 

Would you like to know more about Vilkas Go solutions?

Are you still considering different ecommerce solutions or want to change your webshop platform to a new one? We will be happy to help you with planning to make sure you do the best decision in the long run. Thanks to our long and diverse experience in ecommerce, we challenge, question, brainstorm, innovate and propose different kinds of solutions.

Learn about the experiences of Vilkas Go merchants here.

Be in touch with Vilkas Sales and let’s talk more about ecommerce solutions.

Vilkas Go B2B sales:

Mirjami Petro-Uotila
+358 50 5055 200

Timo Korvenoja
+358 50 65 013

Markku Korkiakoski
+358 400 434 244

Email: firstname@vilkas.fi

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