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The pricing for Vilkas' services will change

We will update the pricing for our e-commerce services from July 1st, 2021. The new prices (VAT 0%) are as follows (previous prices in brackets)

Vilkas Now

Vilkas Suite

The brand new Vilkas instruction videos are here!

Man holding a video camera.

Have you already found your way to the new Vilkas instruction videos? Vilkas publishes a new video on its Finnish and English YouTube channel every Monday. The topic of each video is related to the administration and configuration of either a Vilkas Now or a Vilkas Suite webshop.  The topic so far have been:

2000 Vilkas webshops!

2000 webshops vilkas group

The number of Vilkas webshops has surpassed the amazing 2000 merchants! How splendid that such a great number of merchants have wanted to build a webshop on the Vilkas platform!

The odd spring of 2020 has proven that e-commerce is an increasingly fundamental part of the future. Let’s venture into the e-commerce future together!

Vilkas would like to thank each and every one of the over 2000 merchants, we are ever so glad to have you onboard! Hip hip hooray!

Three new employees for Vilkas

Three new employees have begun working for Vilkas during the ongoing spring. We asked our new colleagues to tell us a little bit about themselves.

New cookie banner in Vilkas Now: what merchants need to know

The European Court of Justice has recently announced that website operators must actively seek the consent of their visitors for the use of technically non-essential cookies. Starting in early February, an update will be introduced for ePages partners, which will bring changes for all Vilkas Now shops. Merchants who have entered their own cookie notice text in their shop and wish to maintain it need to take action now.


Mailchimp and other new integrations

Last autumn brought many interesting and practical integrations to Vilkas Suite shops’ Active and Pro levels and Vilkas Go shops. Let’s review the most interesting ones of them.


Vilkas gets more talents in the house

Vilkas' products and services are renewing all the time, and this naturally means we have looked for new experts to fulfil our team. And again, they who sought found. Let us introduce Sauli and Lauri, the new members of the tech team.

Sauli came to the house as a software trainee. Once he gets the hold of his diploma, he will continue at Vilkas as a software developer. Sauli's touch can already be seen in MyVilkas, and in future, also in Vilkas webshops.

Vilkas' renewed product family offers solutions for e-retailers of all sizes

Over the past two years, we have made major changes to our services and the project is over for this time. At the beginning of the project, we identified three different types of e-retailers. We wanted to be able to provide each of these types of e-retailers with a service that meets their specific needs. According to that idea, we built Vilkas Now, Suite and Go.

A Webshop's Story: Kissapuu

Satu Suhonen was not happy with the quality and looks of cat trees available, so she started to sell beautiful and long-lasting cat trees herself. Cooperation with handicraft entrepreneurs and Vilkas Group made it possible to make quality products and sell them globally.

"I didn't know anything about e-commerce. But I'm a middle-aged woman, who has learnt this,  so youngsters will learn it too."

Kissapuu's webshop runs on Vilkas Suite platform.

Your webshop solution just got even better

For us it's important that our customers are happy. Before the summer we sent out a customer survey where we got a lot of good feedback and wishes regarding the features of our solution. With these wishes in mind we have made some updates to our features. The updates contain both improvements to existing features but also some completely new features.


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