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Farabi wants to be Scandinavia's number one in MMA equipment

Farabi Skandinavia

Ab Aither Oy is online with two different web shops. The shops are found on www.farabiscandinavia.com and www.tukkumyymala.fi. The company sells Farabi's MMA and fitness equipment with exclusive rights across Scandinavia.

According to the company CEO Henrik Ås their shops have been running for about 2 years and they gradually transferred their shops to Vilkas Group during the summer of 2015.

The webshop has evolved really well. We didn't have any expectations that the sales would explode overnight but both the amount of customers and the sales have steadily increased. The road is always long when starting a new business and especially when it involves bringing a new brand to the market, but we set our goal from the beginning that within 5 years the shop and the brand should be well known.

The online shops have been an important tool in developing the business. Even though the main part of our sales is not yet coming from the web shops, that is what we are aiming for.

We offer, in line with the brand promise, high quality products at competitive prices. In addition to that we have from the beginning focused a lot on our customer service which means that we always answer emails as soon as possible and send the orders the same day as far as the timing admits it.

Constant learning

We continuously develop our business and have learnt a huge amount of what it means to be an e-retailer during our first two years. This is why we are now pretty determined about what we want from the coming two years. Both our web shops got a completely new design and an upgrade less than a year ago when we moved them to Vilkas, but we constantly make updates and develop our shops to be even more customer friendly and easier to use.

Our challenges are probably the same as the ones all e-retailers face. How do you get quality traffic to your pages and how do you convert that traffic to sales. It's a constant learning and takes a huge amount of time, but we move forward even with baby steps.

Henrik ÅsThe cooperation with Vilkas Group has been brilliant. Their e-commerce solution is really easy to use compared to many other systems and the support team always helps out quickly when needed. Even though it's not always possible to get through on the phone, email always works smoothly and the answers have always been very clear when we have asked about something. We are really happy with the move to Vilkas Group and are planning to stay put, although we will probably upgrade both our shops to the enterprise level at some point.

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