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Golla – Boldly International

Miia Humalajoki

Golla is a thriving Finnish company whose speciality is designing fashionable bags for portable electronics. Since 1994, the products of the company have been known around the world for their high quality, colours and stylish prints.

The online shop of Golla has been opened in the year 2013, in collaboration with Vilkas Group. The online shop is available in English and German in 17 European countries. The Supply Chain Director of Golla, Miia Humalajoki, regards internationality in e-commerce as a huge opportunity.

“The online shop of Golla is different compared to many other online stores. Most of the online shops are selling from Finland to Finland. Golla is born international, and also internationality in e-commerce was clear from the beginning.”

Importance Increases

Customers benefit from the complete collection available in the online shop. The clear design of the shop represents the image of Golla and makes navigating easy.

The online shop is for Golla more than a product distribution channel – itʼs also an important tool for building a brand. The importance of e-commerce increases all the time because the web shop is put to better use in different contexts.

“We try out different methods, seek the right strategies for marketing. We operate in 17 countries, so itʼs not enough to invest in Finnish sales. Weʼll have to find the right ways in this kind of environment.”

The Right Partner

Humalajoki says that choosing the right partner is the most important thing in starting e-commerce. Itʼs also worthwhile to think about what the system should be capable of in the future.

“Youʼll have to understand what your organisation needs and choose suitable partner and system for your organisation. Cooperation with Vilkas has been very easy. We have received well working solutions quickly.”

Humalajoki encourages Finnish companies to international e-commerce:
“The Finns donʼt have to be afraid of internationality.”

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