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Marttiini Shop – Quality from Lapland to the rest of the world

Marttiini Shop offers high quality knives and knife sharpening to both consumers and companies. Marttiini’s products combine tradition and style with functionality and durability. Their web shop improves the availability of the products around the world.

The world famous Marttiini knives have been produced in Rovaniemi, Finland for over 85 years. Today Marttiini Oy is part of the Rapala VMC group. Marttiini opened their web shop in 2010 and have been a customer of Vilkas Group since 2012.

The collaboration with Vilkas Group has been both easy and convenient according to Marttiini’s marketing manager Sanna Ylikärppä.

“Vilkas Group is a competent group and they understand any type of issues immediately”

The system functions are important

At first the web shop was built separately from the new website. It soon turned out it would have been much better to choose the platform for the web shop first.

“It pays off to take time to choose the right web shop and make sure the system is suitable and that the size is right from the beginning. But most important is that the payment process runs smoothly without any kind of problems", says Ylikärppä.

The next step is to integrate the web shop with the company ERP system. This will reduce the manual work and improve the logistics.

Only positive

The web shop has contributed to higher sales without stealing traffic from the retailers, according to Ylikärppä. The complete range of products is available in the web shop while the retailers sell specific products.

"At first we were doubtful since we would have the same customer base. But the web shop has proven to be an important complementary factor, especially abroad where the products are available to customers wherever they are located."

In the web shop there is also the opportunity to offer additional services - for example it has been very popular to choose your own engraving on the blade of the knife.

It’s worth trying

Ylikärppä encourages everyone with a suitable product and brand to at least try out e-commerce.

"E-commerce is the way to go. It gives you the possibility to reach your customers in a much broader level."

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