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New employees at Vilkas

Our new employees startet at the beginning of January.

At the beginning of January three new employees joined us at Vilkas. Marko Herukka (from left) is a new asset for the support team while Tero Kotti and Pekka Piispanen joins the technical team. Vilkas now has 20 employees in total. Here we present our new colleagues.

Marko Herukka

Marko was a long time entrepreneur before joining Vilkas. But he always kept an eye open for a position where he would be able to use his knowledge and experience from e-commerce and his language skills in technical translations. Marko ended up at Vilkas as he feels he would be able to support and help the customers in any kind of e-commerce related questions since he himself has learnt it the hard way. Marko's impression of Vilkas during this short time has been positive. "I've had the impression that at Vilkas you can choose the direction in which you want to develop yourself and it's even encouraged. The employees are really well taken care of in several good ways which is quite unusual in many places these days. I'm of the same opinion as Richard Branson in one thing: 'Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.'"

Tero Kotti

As a graduated software engineer Tero ended up at Vilkas, as he puts it himself "by a lucky coincidence". Tero also has experience in e-commerce after previously working for a payment provider. "The best thing about Vilkas is the team spirit and the positive attitude. They have received us new employees in an excellent way. I really look forward to develop myself in the e-commerce area together with the professionals at Vilkas."

Pekka Piispanen

Pekka has experience in programming even since school age. Pekka joined Vilkas after his previous employer moved their business to Helsinki. He was attracted by Vilkas' open workplace and tasks. Pekka is excited about the new job and the possibility to develop himself further as a software developer. The best thing with Vilkas so far has been the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly colleagues.

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