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New Sales Analytics app launched

Sales analytics

The App Store has a new Sales Analytics app which lets you look into the sales of the webshop. The sales reports give you a more exact picture of the sales and make it even easier to analyse the performance of the webshop which helps in the development and marketing of the shop. Sales Analytics gets it's sales data straight from the web shop's database which makes the numbers more exact than for example the sales reports from Google Analytics. Once the app is installed the statistics is shown retroactively from the beginning of the previous year.

The reports show:

  • Sales volume
  • Number of orders
  • The orders' average value
  • The best selling products
  • The most loyal custmers and the customers that shop the most

Identify your most loyal customers

With the customer report you can easily find which customers shop most often and which customers spend the most. With this information you can for example reward your most loyal customers with a gift card or some other offer. All the reports can be exported as xslx or csv files which makes it easier to handle the information in for example Excel. The top customers' email addresses can easily be copied for example to a newsletter.

Asiakkaan myyntiraportit

You can install the app and start using it for free from the web shop's administration on the Apps & Themes > App Store page.

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