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Three new employees for Vilkas

Three new employees have begun working for Vilkas during the ongoing spring. We asked our new colleagues to tell us a little bit about themselves.

JARKKO PIISPANEN joined the Customer Support team, where he provides answers for customers with questions related to using the webshop. Before Vilkas, Jarkko paved his way in the construction sector, but had to search for new job opportunities after his health no longer allowed him to continue in his position. After hearing that Vilkas had a suitable job opening, Jarkko’s journey in the IT business began. In the near future, Jarkko is planning on opening his own webshop, built on the Vilkas platform, of course. In addition to work, Jarkko’s life is enriched by six siblings!

The Marketing team received two new employees, who are Web Analyst ANTTI RAUTI and Digital Marketing Assistant PAULIINA PEIJONEN. Before joining Vilkas, Antti and Pauliina have gained experience on webshops mainly from a consumer’s perspective. Antti’s story at Vilkas began only a couple months after graduating from TAMK. Vilkas is Antti’s first post working on Web analytics, which is why he expects to muster a great deal of valuable job experience whilst working for Vilkas. During his free time, Antti likes to go fishing.
– The biggest pike I caught weighed 6,052 kilograms, Antti reports.

Pauliina works for Vilkas in digital marketing. In addition to her job, Pauliina familiarises herself with digital marketing in a study programme which lasts six months. Pauliina first became interested in online communications and digital marketing through her master’s thesis. Before joining the Vilkas team, Pauliina has lived in Latin America and she has been bitten by a horse. These events are not related. 

Each one of the new employees observes that they have been warmly welcomed to the Vilkas community.
– My colleagues have been very helpful and I have felt very welcome, Jarkko illustrates.

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