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Upgrade to version 6.17

During the beginning of 2016 we will be upgrading our system to the newest ePages version 6.17. There are a few new features in the new version, here we go through the most important ones. For more details check out the ePages Release Notes. Some of the features in the new version are:

Out of stock shown in drop down

If a product has variations and a variation is out of stock, the variation is greyed out in the drop down selection.

Top sellers on the dashboard

The dashboard of your online shop gives you a comprehensive overview about various interesting facts and figures concerning your shop. Now you can add a new widget with a list of the most popular products, including thumbnail pictures of the products and the number of sales.

Basket elements always showing price including delivery

All basket elements that show the price will show the price including the default delivery cost.

Updated design of facebook shop

To follow up with Facebook's recent design changes, the facebook shop created from within the administration got an updated design as well.

In new version 6.17:

In previous version 6.16:

Attributes merged in faceted search

If two product attributes have the same ID or name (like "Color") but are of different attribute types (like "options" and "value selection") they are now still merged in the faceted search to allow filtering.

Better automatic image compression

When uploading product images, an automatic compression is applied for certain views. Compression has been optimised to avoid image quality loss by artefacts.

Four new layout templates

There are four new templates: Minimal, Slate, Pure & Horizon.

Product page has new layout in mobile view

The layout of the product pages in the mobile view is a bit different. Also the header in the mobile view will be dark instead of light.

In new version 6.17: In previous version 6.16:

Google Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics is now supported and can be changed on the Marketing > Google Analytics page. More information about how to add Google Analytics to the shop here.

New markets for Google Shopping

Google Shopping now supports new markets like Finland, Belgium, Sweden and Portugal. Google Shopping is used as a product portal, more information about how to add your products to product portals here.

New status icons for orders

New icons have been added for order statuses. New icons for "In process", "Pending", "Ready for dispatch" and "Delivered". More info about status icons here.

Non visible shown with new symbol

In the previous version the non visible status could be recognised by the text being greyed out in different lists, such as for example products or delivery methods. In the new version the status is shown by a new symbol with a crossed out eye:

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