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Vilkas gets more talents in the house

Vilkas' products and services are renewing all the time, and this naturally means we have looked for new experts to fulfil our team. And again, they who sought found. Let us introduce Sauli and Lauri, the new members of the tech team.

Sauli came to the house as a software trainee. Once he gets the hold of his diploma, he will continue at Vilkas as a software developer. Sauli's touch can already be seen in MyVilkas, and in future, also in Vilkas webshops.

Lauri works at Vilkas as a software developer as well and works mainly with Vilkas webshop systems, for which he develops modules. Lauri found his way to Vilkas thanks to his friend Pekka, who's been working at Vilkas as a developer for almost a couple of years now. “Vilkas seemed like a working community where you get to work together as a team. I also really appreciate the possibility to work remotely", Lauri tells.

The new experts have been welcomed to the team with open arms. But once more: Welcome!

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