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Vilkas Group reinforced with two new members

Antti Silvennoinen and Timo Kallela started at Vilkas Group during the autumn

Timo Kallela (right) started as Vilkas Group's CTO on the 16th of September. Timo has previously worked as CTO and was also a board member at Surveypal Oy. He looks forward to taking on his new role: “I can see a big potential for growth and believe that by doing the right choices we can grow and take on completely new markets. Vilkas Group's level of knowledge is on a world class level within their area and I want to contribute with my experience and help the company to grow.”

Vilkas Group's previous CTO Kalle Marjamäki will now as developing director be in charge of Vilkas Group's new strategic lines.

Antti Silvennoinen (left) came to Vilkas Group in August as a Web designer. Antti handles "Ready-to-use" projects and also creates designs for web shops. "Many merchants want to hand over as much of the technical work as possible to us so that they can concentrate on the actual sales process. It's a pleasure to take part in creating new businesses and to contribute with my own experience" Antti says.

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