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Vilkas launch new partnership with Klarna

New partnership offers Klarna Checkout with no fixed fees and zero integration to all Merchants

Today at e-Commerce Helsinki we are announcing a fantastic new partnership and we want you to hear about it first! We are excited to be announcing that we have agreed on a game changing new partnership with Klarna that means all of our e-stores include Klarna Checkout, the leading solution of mega merchants, with zero fixed fees and no integration.

Vilkas is the first such Native Partner for Klarna in Finland.

Klarna Checkout integrates all the popular payment methods in a super-simple solution where customers can shop using only their email address and postcode. The customer then confirms the purchase before choosing a payment method. These two simple features may sound like small things. But they make all the difference when it comes to conversion, especially on smartphones and tablets.

Mobile shopping is exploding

Klarna Checkout also caters for the rapidly growing volumes of mobile traffic. With some e-stores seeing up to 50% of their traffic from mobile devices, not only the stores are adapted to mobile, but also the actual checkout process. The merchant instantly offers all preferred payment options adapted to all devices.

“This partnership gives us and Vilkas a revolutionary offering for this important part of the market, enabling us to provide all e-stores and their users with the best checkout experience available - on all devices. And all this with no integration and zero monthly fees for the merchants”, says Casimir Ehrnrooth, Country Manager at Klarna.

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