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Vilkas launched 100% satisfaction guarantee

Vilkas as a leading cloud-based, multi-channel supported e-commerce platform in the Nordic countries now launched a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all its new customers. At the same time Vilkas refreshed its brand by e.g. introducing a new website and logo.

Vilkas has establsihed its position in the nordic countries, having already 1400 customers to run their webshop on the Vilkas software. According to Markku Korkiakoski, Managing Director of Vilkas surprisingly few webshops utilize the possibility to sell abroad.

“We are facing a strong international competition and it is on the Vilkas agenda to help the nordic webshop owners to be better equiped to face the competition. We are excited to be able to help our customers to internationalize with our platform and services. We have just seen the first wave of internationalization in the Nordic countries” analyzes Korkiakoski.

“The ecommerce business is international by nature and with the software we have developed our customers can easily sell their products to other Nordic countries and globally,” says Korkiakoski.

Vilkas has also put emphasis on brand building in its own strategy and suggests that merchants should generally be prepared for the competition e.g. by investing in marketing.

“Merchants have started to understand the customer experience to be one of the key elements of success in their business. Not only does the functionalities and technical usability count but also many visual elements as the look and feel of the webstore.” lists Korkiakoski.

Vilkas practices as is preaching by investing in its own brand. Vilkas also concretized its strong expertise in eCommerce and how it benefits its customers by launching a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

“Our service is 100% trustworthy and we are proud to be able to offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if the customer is not satisfied with the functionality of our e-commerce system during the first 12 agreement months we promise the money back. We keep our promises,” says Korkiakoski proudly!

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