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Vilkas' renewed product family offers solutions for e-retailers of all sizes

Over the past two years, we have made major changes to our services and the project is over for this time. At the beginning of the project, we identified three different types of e-retailers. We wanted to be able to provide each of these types of e-retailers with a service that meets their specific needs. According to that idea, we built Vilkas Now, Suite and Go.

With Vilkas Now, Suite and Go, we believe that all retailers will find a solution that suits them.

Vilkas Now: Vilkas Now is an e-commerce platform that is both stylish and easy to use. Merchants have already praised the platform and believe it is one of the most easy-to-use solutions on the market. There are four levels available in Now, S, M, L and XL, which can be changed as the webshop develops.

Vilkas Suite: Vilkas Suite is a versatile e-commerce service that enables e.g. international sales and both B2C and B2B sales. Suite has four different shop levels, Starter, Mini, Active and Pro, which the merchant can switch between depending on the needs.

Vilkas Go: Vilkas Go is a freely customisable solution for more demanding business models. With Vilkas Go, the web shop is always implemented as a project together with Vilkas' experts.

In the renewal of our product family, we expanded our range of e-commerce solutions with PrestaShop. By offering PrestaShop's and ePages' e-commerce solutions side by side, we can always adapt the solution to the smoothest one with the most suitable features.

We have worked close together with ePages for over 20 years and Vilkas' solution is often called ePages. While our ePages partnership continues as before, we now also offer our customers technical options to best suit their needs. Whether the shop runs on ePages' platforms, PrestaShop or whatever, the most important thing for merchants is to find a leading expert in the industry that offers reliable customer service and technical maintenance.

The communication on our product family reform and product identification is now complete for this time. We are now on the right track and will be even more eager to continue developing our services. This means new features to be built for the shops, new partner services and, above all, creating webshops together with our customers.

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