Vilkas takes Swedish businesses online

Swedish merchants now have the possibility to opt for Vilkas, a provider of online shop software and services, to bring their business online. They can choose from 5 packages, tailored to their different needs: They range from products to create straightforward websites up to software for complex online shops with an unlimited number of products, open web services and flexible performance thanks to an own dedicated server. Upgrades to more sophisticated variants are possible at any time and allow seamless expansion. The offering is available under

“Vilkas’ comprehensive product range makes it easy for merchants to enter into e-commerce. Using our online shop and website packages creates new opportunities and gives any business a competitive advantage to peers that are not yet online”, says CEO Markku Korkiakoski from Vilkas. The company was established in 1995 and brings a vast e-commerce expertise to the Swedish market.

Vilkas’ partner ePages already provides online shop software to 80,000 merchants

Vilkas’ offering is based on ePages software. More than 80,000 merchants run professional websites based on ePages products; complete with up to 15 languages, search engine optimisation, individual design and optimised for mobile devices. Thanks to regular updates, ePages online shops are always up-to-date with the latest e-commerce trends. Among the latest new features, is a redesigned merchant back office. A professional search function enhances the quality of results through a high tolerance to users’ input errors. ePages also collaborates with 60+ technology partners such as online market places, price comparison sites and payment providers.

“As Sweden is a market with great growth potential in e-commerce, we are happy to be present here as a partner of Vilkas. We are aiming to give companies the opportunity to develop their online sales channel by providing ‘easy-to-use’ business applications at competitive prices compared to other providers,” says ePages’ CEO Wilfried Beeck.

Forecasts see a continuing growth on the Swedish e-commerce market

The new offer from Vilkas arrives on the market just when the Swedish e-commerce industry is experiencing a period of fast growth: Already eight in ten consumers have shopped online at least once last year, each spending an average of 683 euros per year, reveals data from Econsultancy and logistics provider Postnord. The latest industry forecast indicates revenues growing by 16% in 2013 and 13% in 2014, says Emarketer. Within Europe, these numbers are only topped by Spain and Italy who both come from a lower level in e-commerce revenues compared to northern countries and experience high growth rates.