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Your webshop solution just got even better

For us it's important that our customers are happy. Before the summer we sent out a customer survey where we got a lot of good feedback and wishes regarding the features of our solution. With these wishes in mind we have made some updates to our features. The updates contain both improvements to existing features but also some completely new features.

In the list below we describe the features and in brackets after the name is mentioned in which shop types the feature has been added. "All" means that the feature is now availabe in all Starter, Mini, Active and Pro shops.

NEW: More buttons for social media (All)

In addition to the previous Facebook and Twitter buttons you can now also easily add WhatsApp, Reddit och Pinterest buttons to the product pages. These can be found on the "Marketing >> Social Web" page.

NEW: Intrum Justitia B2B payment method (All)

The selection of payment providers was extended with a new service for the Finnish market. You can now use Intrum Justitia's credit check service. By using the organisation number the service checks if the company can complete the order. If the company does not have acceptable credit information, the service will stop the order. You can add the payment method on the "Settings >> Payment >> Select service >> Intrum Justitia Credit Check" page.

Amount of delivery methods increased (Starter, Mini, Active)

There are services that can offer several different delivery options while using only one delivey method in the shop. But sometimes you might want to split the options in different delivery methods, for example to be able to offer different price models for different options. By offering flexible delivery options you can increase your order conversion and that is why we have increased the number of delivery methods you can use in the different shop types. The updated amounts are:

  • Starter 5
  • Mini 15
  • Active 30

NEW: Product ratings (Mini)

Several studies show that customers appreciate reading other customers' experiences and opinions about products and services. Customer reviews have a direct impact on conversion, plus it creates new and unique content, which is good for the search engine visibility. Now the feature for product ratings is also available in the Mini shops. You can start using it from the "Products >> Product ratings >> Settings" page.

NEW: Search enginge optimisation assistant (Mini)

How well have you managed to create your product and category content from a search engine point of view? What still needs to be added, what could be improved, which pages link to your content, which search terms are used the most and what does Google's search result look like for your product or category page? All this and more you can find out by using our SEO assistant which is now also available for the Mini shops. The feature can be found on the "Marketing >> Search Engine Optimization (SEO)" page and also at the top right for each product, category and content page.

Amount of product variations increased (Mini, Active)

Products like clothes and shoes usually have different variations, such as colours or sizes. Then it can be good to show these to the customers on the same page, where the customer easily can choose the variation they want without having to move between different pages. We want to give our ecommerce merchants bigger possibilities to create different variations. The updated amounts of product variations are:

  • Mini 100
  • Active 200

NEW: Recipients of the availability notification per email (Mini, Active, Pro)

When a product is sold out there is a feature where customers can choose to automatically receive a notification by email as soon as the product is back in stock again. This feature can be found on the "Products >> Product settings >> Availability" page.

For merchants it would then be interesting to know how many customers are waiting to know when a product is back in stock. This information can be used for example to make decisions on how many products should be ordered to the stock.

Now this information is available. On the "Products >> Availability Email" page you can see the number of customers waiting for each product that is sold out. You can also see which customers are waiting for a specific product on the "Availability email" tab in the product's settings. The settings for the actual email notification can be found on the "Settings >> Email events >> Products >> Notification of product availability" page.

Note! When you add a stock level again for the product, the email is automatically sent to the customer and then the customer is removed from the recipients list. If you want to communicate with these customers in some other message you should then save the email addresses somewhere first.

NEW: Button for product variations (Mini, Active, Pro)

In the actual shop on the category pages there is a list of the products that have been added to each category. In these lists there is a feature to show an "Add to basket" button below the product information, but the button is not shown for products with variations since the customer first has to choose which variation they want before they can add it to the basket and that is done on the product page.

Now the products with variations have their own button that will show in the category lists. The button will take the customer to the product page where they can choose the variation before adding the product to the basket. The settings for this button can be found on the "Products >> Product settings >> Variations Basket Button" page, where you can also choose the text you want to show on the button.

NEW: Cross selling in the separate mobile view (Mini, Active, Pro)

Many webshops nowadays use a responsive design which scales depending on the size of the screen that is used. With a responsive design the customer will basically have the same experience from a mobile as they would from a computer. Although some shops are still using the simplified mobile view.

A new feature has now been added for the simplified mobile view which automatically shows the assigned cross selling products on the product page.

More category and content pages (Active)

The customers can use many different search terms when they are looking for products. All of these might not be fit to use on the product pages. Then it can be good to instead create own pages that for example gives instructions or tips on how to use the products. Everybody knows that search engines like varied content and now you can let your writing skills flow with up to 500 different pages.

NEW: Search filter with the product attributes (Active)

When you have many different products in the shop it's important that the customers are able to easily find the products they are looking for. Now you can use the product attributes to create a search filter. If you for example have created different colours, sizes, materials, models etc the customers can then choose to show only products with specific attributes when they are looking for products. Here on our support page you can read more about the search filter.

NEW: Cross selling on the basket page (Active, Pro)

Do you know why there are shelves with candy next to the checkout in supermarkets? It's clearly there to tempt you to buy something more when you are just about to pay. Now you also have this possibility in your webshop and you can choose to show cross selling products on the basket page for the products that are already in the basket. Each cross selling type has it's own settings (related products, accessories, automatic cross selling) and you can choose how many products should be shown as cross selling. The settings for this can be found on the "Settings >> Basket settings >> Cross-selling" page.

NEW: Product with an open price (Active, Pro)

Would you like to sell gift cards in your shop or offer the possibilty to give gifts? Then it's not always fitting with a normal product that has a fixed price. A better alternative would be if the customers could choose the price themselves.

The new feature with an open price gives you that possibility. The settings can be found when you have created a product on the "Open price" tab where you fill in a min and max price, how to round off the price etc.

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