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New faces and a new office for Vilkas

New faces and a new office for Vilkas

Vilkas moved to a new office right in the centre of Tampere. Our customers can now find us on the address Finlaysoninkuja 19, 33210 Tampere, Finland. The new office is bigger and we now have heaps of space.

Come meet us at e-commerce Stockholm on 11th and 12th of May!

e-commerce is an event held at Kistamässan in Stockholm where the business leading providers get together to network and hear about new trends. This year the event is held on the 11th and 12th of May and there will also be three stagers with interesting seminars, conferences, courses, network activities and much more!

Farabi wants to be Scandinavia's number one in MMA equipment

Farabi Skandinavia

The webshop has evolved really well. We didn't have any expectations that the sales would explode overnight but both the amount of customers and the sales have steadily increased. The road is always long when starting a new business and especially when it involves bringing a new brand to the market, but we set our goal from the beginning that within 5 years the shop and the brand should be well known.

Upgrade to version 6.17

During the beginning of 2016 we will be upgrading our system to the newest ePages version 6.17. There are a few new features in the new version, here we go through the most important ones. For more details check out the ePages Release Notes. Some of the features in the new version are:

Out of stock shown in drop down

If a product has variations and a variation is out of stock, the variation is greyed out in the drop down selection.

Vilkas Group reinforced with two new members

Antti Silvennoinen and Timo Kallela started at Vilkas Group during the autumn

Vilkas Group had two new staff members: Timo Kallela as CTO and Antti Silvennoinen as Web designer. Our previous CTO Kalle Marjamäki continues as developing director.

Vilkas launch new partnership with Klarna

We are excited to be announcing that we have agreed on a game changing new partnership with Klarna that means all of our e-stores include Klarna Checkout, the leading solution of mega merchants, with zero fixed fees and no integration.

Marttiini Shop – Quality from Lapland to the rest of the world

Marttiini Shop offers high quality knives and knife sharpening to both consumers and companies. Marttiini’s products combine tradition and style with functionality and durability. Their web shop improves the availability of the products around the world.

Golla – Boldly International

Miia Humalajoki

Golla is a thriving Finnish company whose speciality is designing fashionable bags for portable electronics. Since 1994, the products of the company have been known around the world for their high quality, colours and stylish prints.

Vilkas takes Swedish businesses online

A comprehensive range of online shop and website products allow companies with almost any kind of business model to easily enter into e-commerce and boost sales – all with low effort and cost.

Easier to market your online shop with the new marketing service from Meedio

Your online shop can easily become a part of Meedio! Meedio was created in order to make life easier for business owners. You can now control your marketing through a simple application, even from your mobile. Vilkas' webshops can easily be connected to Meedio so that existing and new customers can easily find your company and it's selection. It is free to join Meedio.


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