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Vilkas Suite is an extensive and versatile e-commerce platform with unlimited editing capabilities. You can build your webshop by yourself or let Vilkas or some other third party build it for you according to your needs that are related to visual design and functionalities. The platform is ideal for both consumer and B2B sales. Vilkas Suite is like a house with all the comforts and movable walls.

Fully customized design

With ready-made design themes, you can make your shop look nice even with very little effort. However, if you want, you can also execute more special designs in your online store, either by yourself or with the help from Vilkas. Also, you can always ask help from your designated marketing partner or any other third party.

Webshop for consumers and B2B customers

Setting customer groups and different price lists also enables versatile B2B trading. By logging into their own account, a business customer sees the products and prices that are assigned only for them. It is also possible to offer customer group specific payment and delivery methods.

The wide network of partners

Suite charms with its versatility. Thanks to the extensive network of partners, Vilkas has been able to build numerous integrations that make it easy to deploy various functionalities. Whether you want to have and use the most popular payment method in a particular country, the most effective marketing channel or the largest product portal, Vilkas Suite is the platform that meets your needs.

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