Speed and efficiency behind the scenes with our app

VilkasTracker is a tool that allows you to follow your web shop's incoming orders. With the app, you can easily and quickly pick and pack your orders by ticking them off straight in your Android smartphone. The app then saves the status of the order and automatically sends off a delivery note to the customer.

Main functions

  • Order handling: The user can choose which order to start picking and in which order to pick the products. The app shows the product information, picture and shelf location to make it easier to find. If anything is unclear with the order the user can call the customer straight from the app. VilkasTracker makes sure all orders are picked and packed completely.
  • Statistics: User-specific reporting for picked orders and the time it took plus a summary of all orders picked allows you to track the exact costs of your order handling.
  • Incoming goods: When you receive a product you can update the stock level straight on your phone. You can either scan the barcode or search for the product to update its stock level.
  • Track incoming orders: See a list of all incoming orders in real time.
  • Sales reports: With the sales reports you can see the value of your sales and the number of orders received.

Advantages for the merchant

  • Speeds up order handling - the orders will never have to be printed on paper for picking and packing.
  • Quick handling for exceptions - the process does not need to be stopped in case changes need to be made to the order or if the customer needs to be called.
  • Minimises mistakes - the app shows the product with a picture and shelf location
  • Tracker - by analysing the reports you can improve the order handling process even more.

Read the instructions on how to use Vilkas Tracker.

Download the app from Google Play.

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